Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Small Steps...Day 15 (second post)

I didn't get a chance to do an evening post yesterday to let you know how the day went, but here is the update:

B – Oatmeal and coffee
S – No morning snack

Workout – Tae Bo (Billy’s Favorite Moves)

L – Hot-n-spicy tuna, broccoli, and whole wheat spaghetti/Prego/Parmesan
S – Lipton chicken noodle Cup-a-soup and hot tea
S – Tuna kit (tuna/red cal mayo/relish/whole wheat crackers) and steamed veggies (broccoli, cauliflower and carrots)
S - Popcorn/fried peas and two pizza rolls

I know that was a lot of tuna and broccoli for the day, but I couldn't seem to figure out what I had a taste for, so I just went with something easy.

I did not have a morning snack and did not eat lunch until a little after 2:00, so I switched my morning snack to a p.m. snack.

I did the Tae Bo workout just to change up my workout again, which is essential to success in working out. If you do the same exact thing all the time, first of all you will get bored, second of all you're working the same exact things all the time - when sometimes you need to give other things more attention. One workout may focus on your abs, while another may put more attention on your legs, or arms. The boredom factor is really big for me. I have to change it up. Even walking - I like to change up where I walk if possible. Sometimes it is just not possible though, especially if you're going to a track or gym.
I was really excited about the workout I did though because the Tae Bo stuff can be really tough. Well, this was one of my workouts that I had bought, but had never actually tried to do. So it was brand new to me. Well, I noticed it was REALLY, REALLY FAST! I looked on the front of the box and it said "An Accelerated Workout." HA! That was not exactly what I was expecting, especially being so early into my fitness goals. I have a very long way to go, and I'm thinking while I'm doing the video - "this is so for skinny people". There is actually one part of the workout where you go from a standing position to a push-up, then jump back up to your feet. You only do that a few times, but needless to say at that point I just kept moving - I didn't do what they were doing there. The reason I was excited was because I actually made it through the entire workout ! WOO! I was so excited about that. I was beginning to think it would never end, but as soon as we started doing floor stuff I knew it was getting close to being done. It was tough, but a fantastic workout.

I felt great about the workout because I made it all the way through, but I was not always staying at their pace or able to do things exactly like they did it. The key is to hang in there, just to keep moving, it's not about getting it exactly right. We'll get there when we keep on and persevere. You can't climb a mountain in five or six great strides, you have to take small steps to get to the other side, to get to your goal. We just have to keep going and we will get there!

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