Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Facing up to ourselves...Day 11

Well, today has gone really well. As part of my fast I have included TV, but got to see quite a bit of incidental TV due to being tuned in to the local weather all day. Thank the Lord we didn’t have very severe weather here. I am very tired today, and as a result I have had THREE CUPS OF COFFEE! Boy, that will get you going! When I type reports for the clinic, I have told my friends that it’s like my ears are connected to my fingers so they type what my ears hear, but my brain is free to do other things. My mind just absolutely races while I’m typing. It can be very annoying at times, having SOOO many thoughts going at one time. Anyway, I was typing today and my mind was going so fast, and it was because of all the coffee. I did space it out throughout the day. One cup in the morning, then another a little while later. And I have just now sat down with my third cup of coffee as I type this because as soon as I’m done I have to dive into more reports - and yes, it is 9:45 pm. Oh, to have a good night’s sleep. What must that be like???

So, here is the menu I had today…
B – Kettle corn popcorn
S – Lipton cup-a-soup chicken noodle
L – Hot and spicy tuna with whole wheat spaghetti/Prego/Parmesan
S – spoonful of peanut butter
S – Lobster delights, pickles, and a mini-bowl of shells-n-cheese with two spoonfuls of pork-n-beans

Not so good on the veggies right? Need to work more of that in tomorrow. I have started keeping a word document on my computer with my food listed for each meal on it because by the time I sit down to type the menus for the day it is sometimes hard for me to think about what I had (sad, huh?). This way, I can just copy and paste at the end of the day for your viewing enjoyment (LOL!).

Food journaling is a great idea because with every bite I take I know I have to write it down (type it) and make a record of it, and then post it on here for you to see. If we all would do this and then at the end of the day look at it, like I just did, and see what changes need to be made, it would be so beneficial. I can see at the end of today that I didn’t have enough dairy and didn’t have enough veggies. I had plenty of fiber and protein and water. But you know we eat our water too. So when we eat our fruits and veggies we get a lot of water out of those, and if I’m deficient in my body of those foods, that means I will have to drink more to equivocate it, and also that I will not have all of the right fiber I need. Yes, the whole wheat spaghetti is fiber and the popcorn, but I need more of the pickles, green beans, broccoli, apples, oranges, and things like that if I want overall health.

So write it down. You don’t have to show anybody like I do, but you do have to be ready to face it yourself. Taking the step to write down what we eat means having the courage to see the truth and to make the changes needed for our health.

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