Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Trying New Things...

I feel like I have had a really productive day today!

My interview went okay (I'm not a good judge of how these things go), I am supposed to find out something by Friday. Please continue to pray. I'm definitely still praying! There were some very interesting developments which I will share later with you all. Suffice it to say that GOD IS GOOD!!! Amen? Amen!

My mom brought my kids home today. They went unexpectedly to spend the night with she and my dad last night. My parents had just come by to visit yesterday and my daughter started begging to spend the night, so I relented. Anyway, my mom was going to start teaching me to crochet when she came back with the kids today. EXCITING!!! That was new venture #1. It went okay, but about three or four stitches in, I thought it would be too hard, and considered giving up. However, my mom really encouraged me to keep going. So, here is my progress as of this evening. You all may laugh, you may think this is pitiful, but I was really pleased with my progress. I CAN FINALLY CROCHET!!! Albeit, in an amateur sort of way...


We went to the library and I picked up lots of Spanish stuff for kids, as I'm starting to teach my kids Spanish this year. They kept asking, "how do you say that stuff?", so I decided there would be no better time to start teaching them than when school starts and while they are so young! Right? I think so too.

Lastly, I see on some of your blogs all of these little tags and pics regarding Jane Austen books, and well, please do not throw rocks at me or gasp in horror as I tell you the following truth about me... I HAVE NEVER READ A JANE AUSTEN BOOK...there I said it. I'm so glad I finally got that off of my chest! LOL! I don't have a lot of time to read, so I check out audio books as much as possible. I picked up Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma. So, please wish me well as I branch out into a new avenue of literature, not to mention a new section of the library.

After my new experiences, I came home and made a beef stew (yummy!) for supper with some buttery rolls (heavenly, Michelle!), and sat down to work on my new project - a crocheted something or 'nother...

Goodnight all.


Michelle said...

It looks GREAT April! Kassie crocheted some stuff for us before. You should bring your little thing(whatever it is LOL) and let her see it tonight. She might could give you some tips too!
Good for you expanding your already huge brain today! LOL
Well, gotta go and get some Dandy bakery for the birthday boy! YUM!!!!
See you tonight!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am still praying for you. God will direct your job situation.
:) Wow! What a great job of crocheting--I'm impressed. I have only done a chain and a small circle(hint- I wasn't trying make a circle; lol).
I didn't read Jane Austen when I was in school. When my daughter was a teenager(we homeschooled) loved Austen's books and so we later watched the A&E's version of the movies. Love them! Enjoy, April!
Miriam :)

Tracy said...

Well, shoot me too. I've watched all six movies but never read a book. That is an aim of mine...soon! My TBR pile is significant right now though.

Your crocheting looks fabulous. What exciting yarn you have there! You know, you have to start somewhere, don't you?! I love crocheting, but I've yet to master a granny square. Pfft. They are silly things LOL.

April said...

Michelle, Thank you! Kassie was definitely helpful last night. I got stuck at the end of a row when I was doing the turnaround and couldn't find where to put the hook back in!

Miriam, You know I am pretty sure I read Pride and Prejudice in high school (at least the notes), I just can't remember for sure. So, that pretty much is like I didn't read it! Thank you for encouraging me!

Tracy, I want to watch the movies too, I've heard they're really good from different people. Thank you for your kind words about my crocheting! My mom brought me lots of yarn to "play with", all different types and colors, and she left me three different size hooks to practice with. I have a feeling that granny squares are a good ways off!!! :0)

I appreciate your comments everybody!
April :0)

Terri said...

Hi April,

Your first attempt at crocheting looks wonderful! I love the colors. By the way, I've never ever read a Jane Austen book either, so you are not alone. :-)

April said...

Wow, someone who hasn't read those books either? Thanks Terri! I thought I was alone! LOL!

My mom was kind enough to lend me lots of yarn for practice, this is the most colorful. She left me different textures too, like the kind of yarn you would use for a baby blanket, etc. I'm ready to switch to a different hook though. I think it was hard for me starting with this one, as it was one of the smaller hooks. I kept a couple of larger ones, and I think I will try the LARGEST one next as I work on getting my fingers in shape! I use my left hand for guitar, now my right hand for crocheting. Finally my hands will be balanced! LOL!

Thanks for your encouragement Terri!
April :0)

Pinkshoelady said...

Hi April
I am visiting your blog today. I love it!

Your crochet looks great.

I know I will be back!
Pamela R.

April said...

Hi Pamela! Welcome! I'm so glad you dropped in to see me!

Thank you for your kind comment on my crocheting. I've done a little bit more, and if I keep going at this pace it might be big enough for a barbie afghan soon! LOL!

I hope you do come back soon!
April :0)

Elizabethd said...

April, you are on my prayer list.
The crochet looks is something I never learned to do.

Misty Akridge said...

hey great job on the crochet-
plus i think pride and prejudice is the best but i am sure you will like them all.

April said...

Elizabeth and Misty, Thank you for your kind comments on my crocheting. I can't tell you how excited I was that I was able to pick it up quickly. I thought that after I walked away from crocheting for a few hours I would come back and completely have forgotten everything. But it went well!

Misty, I think then that I will start with Pride and Prejudice! :0)

April :0)

Anonymous said...

Oooh, pretty crochet April! Well done! All the best with your Jane Austen reading...I found the language a little hard-going and I'm British!! I loved Pride and Prejudice...there is so much more in the book than in the TV series or movie...enjoy!

Love Tina :)

April said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for taking time to drop in, I know you're busy! I appreciate your kind comments on my crocheting, it's far from perfect, but you all have been so encouraging. I am going to try a new yarn tonight and a larger hook. I'm not done with the last one, but my mom thought I should just try the others out a bit to see what I prefer since I'm just starting.

I have not started my Austen audios yet, as I am still listening to another book right now. However, I think that the audios I got of those three books are all abridgements. I wish I could have gotten an unabridgement, but I just got what was available.

Hope you're feeling better!
April :0)