Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just an update...

Hi everybody. I know I said I was going to be off of here for a few days, but I just wanted to extend the prayer request...

The company I am hoping to get hired on with contacted me this morning to set up a time for an interview. We got it set up for this coming Wednesday, July 23, in the a.m. Please continue to pray; I truly, truly appreciate your prayers.

Thank you all for your encouragement! God is GOOD!!!


Terri said...


Anonymous said...

I thought I would come visit your blog. I love the title of your blog! I will say a prayer for you about this job. Have a blessed weekend!
Miriam :)

April said...

Thank you ladies so much for your prayers, you just have no idea how much they mean to me.

Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I apologize that the first post of mine you have seen is this quick update. Please come visit again when perhaps you will find something interesting to read! LOL!

God bless,
April :0)

Anonymous said...

Will definitely pray...I'll try to work out the time difference!

Love, Tina :)

April said...

Thank you Tina. I don't know for sure how the time zones run in Scotland, but if you are in the same time zone as Aberdeen, then you are six hours ahead of us over here. Thank you again!

April :0)

Tracy said...

I hope things go smoothly with the interview and that it is all you both hope it will be.

April said...

Thank you Tracy!