Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Catching up!...Days 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, & 40

Hi! I'm back! Sorry for the absence again! It is not because I have been eating badly, really!

Friday my husband was home from work sick. That was my first day of boot camp. I also had to work that day and we had praise and worship practice, and I had to go to do errands and go to the store. Sooooo, I did not get to work out, but I got a lot of walking in - very disappointing nonetheless for the first day of boot camp. I ate really well though anyway. Saturday my parents came to work on our house. My mom and I spent quite a bit of time at the store, and my husband, dad, and son worked outside on the back room of our house. However, I did get my workout in while my mom was here. She even did some of it with me! Sunday we were gone nearly ALL DAY at church. It was our first Sunday to have the early service, so my day started at 5:21 am! WOOO! My husband had McDonald's for breakfast and even tried really hard to get me to eat some, but I DIDN'T DO IT! Woo, talk about resisting temptation!

I put on my last post that I would be allowing myself to enjoy the Souper Bowl party, and I did. I got to have different types of soup - chili, vegetable beef, creamy chicken w/rice, tortilla soup - I did not eat the tortilla chips, but did have some crackers with other soup, and I had a dessert bar - chocolate chunk cookie bar - YUM! Monday mom was here, so I didn't get time to blog, but did have time to eat well and get my workout in. Tuesday and Wednesday I just didn't blog, no real reason, other than just knowing how much I had to catch up.

So anyway, here is the update...

I am now down
a total of
26 pounds!!!

Day 35
Friday, February 1

B - Honey Bunches of Oats cereal/skim milk
Can't remember lunch - think I skipped it...
S - Shrimp cocktail and green beans

No workout

Day 36
Saturday, February 2

B - Scrambled eggs
S - lemon meringue yogurt (yoplait)
L - Hot and Spicy tuna, whole wheat spaghetti/sauce/chs.
S - popcorn
S - imitation crab legs, green beans

workout - Miracle Mile with Leslie Sansone

Day 37
Sunday, February 3

B - Honey Bunches of Oats
S - None
L - salmon w/honey BBQ glaze, green beans
S - small bowl of veggie soup w/ crackers, popcorn
S - lots of soup (as listed in paragraph at top), dessert bar (cookie bar, not dessert buffet!)

No workout

Day 38
Monday, February 4

B - scrambled eggs
S- none
L - vegetable beef soup (this is made with lean roast meat, not ground)
S - popcorn
S - imitation crab legs, salad

workout - yoga video

Day 39
Tuesday, February 5

workout - Miracle Mile w/Leslie Sansone

B - popcorn
S - Yoplait blueberry yogurt
L - vegetable beef soup
S - slice of cheese, few peanuts
S - imitation lobster, salad

Day 40
Wednesday, February 6

workout - Miracle Mile w/Leslie Sansone

B - scrambled eggs
S - popcorn
L - vegetable soup
S - peanuts
S - half club sandwich on whole wheat. I could not decide what to have with this, so I just had a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats.

2nd workout - yoga video

Now, I do have to say this. I really like the yoga video, I have always liked yoga so much because it is so good for your body. I have noticed that my lower back has stopped hurting now, maybe because this helps me to get it stretched out better. I had gotten my monthly magazine in the mail from Joyce Meyer, and in the fitness section they had recommended yoga. They do not, however, recommend the religious part of yoga, nor do I. At the end of a yoga session, as you relax from your workout, usually a yogi will tell you all of these affirmations about yourself. It is not wrong to have some confidence, but I believe that our strength comes from Jesus. So, when I got to the end of the video and the instructor said "I acknowledge myself...", I just said "I acknowledge Jesus..." Then last night when I did the video I laid next to our little heater, which blows heat like a fan, and I couldn't even hear her say those things. One thing about yoga is I get a fantastic workout and actually stay cold through most of the workout rather than breaking a sweat. Then again, I'm not doing power yoga either, which is much faster paced and more strenuous. The point is that that the stretches and postures you have to hold while doing yoga is really great for your body, and really helps you to be sure that you are breathing right while you are exercising, but we should not be "meditating" on anything other than Jesus and His word.

So if you want to try yoga and are doing a video, turn the volume down at the end as you wind down, or just replace those thoughts of "me, me, me", and turn them to Jesus. Give him thanks for all of the blessings in your life, for a new day, for your family, and most of all - for His love.

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great job aprille!
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