Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A fun day in the snow...

We got the very, VERY RARE snow here finally! It started yesterday evening, and we got enought to play in and make a snowman with! We didn't make a very tall snowman, but it still took a while, and I think it came out looking really cute! It was such a fun time, and the kids were SOOOOO excited about it all! It was just really great to have a time for our whole family to get out and get to do something together. We got to last weekend too with our kite-flying day.

Be sure and get out and spend time with your family. It makes you feel so wonderful to get that bonding time and to make wonderful memories that you can remember for the rest of your life!


misty akridge said...

ooh look i get to be your first comment!looks like you guys had a great time! How blessed your kids are to have a mom like you!!

Jeni says said...

so wild that one week you are flying a kite and the next week building a snowman, ahhh the joys of living in tennessee!!! i love the snowman he is cute!