Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Mold me each day, Lord, into what You would have me to be.

Sunday, June 29, 2008


Dear Lord, I need peace. I need Your peace - the peace that passeth understanding. I don't know what to do, I don't have the answers - but You do. You know exactly what needs to happen, and what will happen, long before it ever happens. You've known exactly what needed to happen in my life since before I was even born. I bring you my needs, my wants, my hopes and dreams, the desires of my heart, and I lay them at Your feet. I long for You to wrap Your arms around me and love me, and just to let me know that everything is going to be okay. Hold me, Lord, surround me with your love, your grace, your peace. I need You, and only You. I long to please You. Thank You Lord for loving me, the most unloveable, and for making me your daughter - a princess. I love You Jesus, and I pray in Your most precious and holy name, Amen.

I was so blessed at church this morning. We are still in transition, visiting, and I don't know for sure yet where God would have us now. My husband is still reeling from the loss of our home church, and he is having a hard time even thinking about getting rooted in anywhere yet. We need guidance, we need healing. We don't want to miss God. I put the picture at the top in here because when I stand under this tree in our yard and look up at the sky I think it is such a peaceful place. God has given me this beautiful view in my own yard, a place where I can truly appreciate the beauty He has created, and as I pray for peace I thought this picture was appropriate. I need the Lord to calm my mind, drive out fear, overcome doubt. I just need to be so full of Jesus that there is no room for any of that other stuff, any of that negativity. I need to know that God will bring me the right job so that our family will be provided for, so that food will be on our table, so that our needs will be met.

Oh God, I receive the answers you have for me because I know that You hold those answers already. You're not brainstorming somewhere about what is going to happen in my life. You already know. I receive, I receive what You have for our family, and for me.


Michelle said...

Good stuff April.
Thanks for sharing your heart. It truly is great to know that you know that He will do what He said! That is what I got this morning too. I received JOY and BALANCE. With those 2 things, I should be able to "let go and let God".
I know great things are coming for us girl! We just have to sit back and let go and let Him have the wheel.
I am ready for the ride!!!
Love ya!

April said...

I know you're right. I think I need to grab my bible and go into the bathroom and just speak the word to myself in the mirror like Pastor Tammy was talking about! I need to get in there and say "I AM AN OVERCOMER, GOD IS GOING TO BRING HIS PLANS TO PASS, THE ENEMY HAS BEEN DEFEATED, I AM A CHILD OF GOD! Love you too!

Michelle said...

Love your new page too!

April said...

Thanks, I was afraid it was a little too dark, but a nice change from the Pepto pink, ya know? :0)

Terri said...

Thank you for sharing, April! I'm praying for you all as you go through this transition.


April said...

Thank you so much Terri! We need it!

Anonymous said...

April, I'm praying for you right now to be utterly filled with peace. Your post was a blessing to me...I loved the part where you said that God is not brainstorming somewhere, but already knows what is going to happen in our lives...what comfort!

Thank you too for your lovely comments on my brought tears to my eyes with your kind words.

Have a Blessed day,
Love, Tina :)

April said...

Thank you Tina for taking the time to read my blog too! I did the same thing when I read your comment, I completely teared up! I do know God is in control of our situation and I so appreciate your prayers. Please come visit often and hopefully I will have some updates soon! Love, April